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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals
The All-Star English and Chinese Talent Lines up
From outsiders to insiders, come for the rides and know the ropes

Oct 23, 2014

[Taipei - Taiwan] MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals, the best global e-Sports tournament hosted by the leading gaming brand MSI, will be held in Taipei where top gamers from five continents will fight over a grand prize total of over US$113,500 on the upcoming November 1st-2nd. MSI will also bring broadcast live with English and Chinese anchors and commentators to guide all gamers to go through every detail of the gaming events. Gamers can steal the unrevealed strategies and skills from professional commentators while enjoying the exciting battles.

Thomas "Khaldor" Kilian

Thomas "Khaldor" Kilian, a German StarCraft II caster, has been employed by South Korea GOMTV as a full-time English commentator for both GSTL and the Challenger League (Code A) potion of GSL. "The beauty of the MSI Beat IT tournament is that with regional qualifiers we see the top players of each region participating in the Grand Finals in Taiwan! We saw some fierce competition during the qualifiers and I'm expecting nothing less for matches during the offline Finals! Personally, I'm excited to see Solar's play since he just recently won the DH Open in Stockholm. I think we'll see great games in Taiwan and I am looking forward to watch and cast the matches!" said Khaldor.

Taiwan gaming chief commentator - SoBaD(張軒齊)

SoBaD (Chang hsuanchi) made his brilliant success in Starcraft World Cyber Games (WCG) Taiwan No.2, Hinet 2002 No.1 and 2002~2003 WCG Taiwan No.1 as well as the first commentator transferred from gamer and game planer in Taiwan. He is now the TeSL (Taiwan e-Sports League) consultant and known as one of the godfathers in Chinese gaming field. "I am so pleased to be invited to MSI Beat IT as well as excited to see more and more 3C manufacturers promotions in e-Sports developing. First, this will be a big chance for my Dota2 game pals to watch live for it is the first time that Dota2 international tournament held in Taiwan! Second, the world Torren king KT.Flash, another heavy-weight gamer, does invited to attend StarCraft II in Taiwan following Jaedong. I am really looking forward to the MSI Beat IT 2014 Global! Let's cheer for Taiwan gamers! Taiwan Open glory once more!" said SoBaD. /


Harstem, a member of Fnatic team, is an 20 years old Dutch prodigy. After joining the Fnatic just a few months ago he has proofed himself to be a Protoss that can compete against the best in European with his innovative and aggressive skills. Harstem is rapidly become a popular and prestigious gamer. “I am really excited to be casting MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals together with Khaldor. These players line up are completely insane, the qualifiers made sure that the best players of every region are here. Combined with the invites (FLASH HYPE) this is gonna be an insanely stacked event.” said Harstem.

Austin “Capitalist” Welsh

Capitalist is a professional commentator for DOTA 2 currently working for joinDOTA. While relatively new to commentating, Capitalist has made large strides as a caster where his enthusiasm, knowledge and humor have made him a popular up-and-comer. “The MSI Beat IT has been a very unique tournament where teams from every region get a chance to prove themselves. It's really exciting to see many up-and-coming teams to make their way through the open qualifiers to that final slot. For many of them, this will be the first major LAN event they go to and will truly be put to the test when facing veterans like Empire. All in all, I couldn't be more excited to be casting the event and am looking forward to see the best from each respective region clash in a LAN environment. ” said Capitalist.


Jacob Toft-Andersen, better known as Maelk, is known for leading the now disbanded European MYM squad. Maelk, a caster and retired gamer, is regarded as one of the most influential players in the history of DotA. “What stands out to me as truly unique about the MSI Beat IT tournament is that is the most international tournament to date with teams from all-around the world. The International hosted by Valve may boast of having the best teams in the world participating, but to find a truly international tournament, you will have to look to MSI Beat It. I am excited to see what spice the African- and Middle East countries can bring to the tournament in terms of both play style and strategies. Matching all these different continents and regions up against each other is going to be incredibly interesting and entertaining to watch!” said Maelk.


The DOTA 2 Chinese commentators group live will be invited from HeflaTV, founded by Heflamoke in April, the No.1 in quantity of event broadcast live in just few months, also the No.3 in global. Have the similar experience with Maelk, Mito is also a DOTA 2 commentators retired from gamer and promoting DOTA 2 to the world without sparing any effort. “Hoping MSI Beat IT would help the DOTA 2 scene in Taiwan spring to life, eventually starting up a professional scene of its own and of course, become the biggest event in Sports (not just E-sports) History.” said Mito.