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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals
DOTA 2 The Finals 8 Teams Have Been Decided!

Oct 15, 2014

[Taipei, Taiwan] The final eight teams for MSI Beat IT 2014 Global DOTA 2 tournament are known as of the last week. Rave defeated MVP Phoenix in the Grand Final of the MSI Beat IT Asia-Pacific Qualifiers and secured their ticket to Taipei, Taiwan. Featuring SCII and DOTA 2 players all over the world, MSI Beat IT 2014 Global tournament boasts a base total prizepool of $113,500 USD with $44,000 allotted to DOTA 2. The winning team of each qualifier is invited to the Grand Finals, taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on November 1st & 2nd.

European Qualifier

The European Qualifier saw many top teams fight it out for one precious slot in the LAN finals. Virtus Pro showed solid performance in the losers bracket after being initially knocked down by Empire, defeating teams like Cleave, Team Coast, and Team Tinker. VP came back from the loser bracket to fight Empire in the grand final of the qualifier but fell short for 1 map as Empire prevailed with 3:2 victory in a best of 5 match.

A notable thing is that Team Empire won a spot from the European Qualifier, unfortunately they were not able to attend the LAN finals, and therefore, their place was taken by Virtus Pro.

American Qualifier

The American Qualifier was dominated by team Na'Vi North America (Na'Vi.US). The team took qualifiers by storm, sweeping Dream Destroyers 3-0 for glory and stamping their trip to Taipei. Representing America will be Fogged, Sneyking, Korok, Waytosexy and Bulba.

Chinese Qualifier

Chinese qualifier featured four veteran dominated line ups in Newbee, Vici Gaming, LGD Gaming and Invictus Gaming. CDEC continues their dominance in the Chinese scene, taking out their rivals Vici Gaming, who were unexpectedly sent to loser’s bracket by HGT. Even though Vici made it to the finals, CDEC squad earned them a spot in the global LAN event to be held in Taiwan this November after a 3-1 victory over Vici.

Australian Qualifier

Team Immunity showed their strength throughout the qualifier and advance to the upcoming finals. Team Immunity emerged victorious over Avant Garde in the Grand Final of the MSI Beat IT Australian Qualifiers with a 3-2 victory.

APAC Qualifier

The APAC division ended with Rave edging out MVP Phoenix in the best-of-five MSI Beat IT qualifier finals with a score of 3-2. In one of the most closely fought qualifiers, Rave triumphed over Korean MVP Phoenix in a nail-biting final to qualify for MSI Beat IT 2014 Global. With their victory, besides getting a revenge against MVP Phoenix who ironically defeated Rave in the winner bracket final, Rave solidified their position at the LAN finals in Taipei, Taiwan.

SEA Qualifier

Arrow Gaming defeated Insidious Idol to qualify for MSI Beat IT LAN tournament with 3-1 score. Both Malaysian top performers fought for a spot in the regional finals. ME Qualifier After an online Pre-Qualifier, the top 4 Middle East teams successfully got to Dubai where the main regional qualifier was played. Wired Gaming managed to sweep Team Scenario with a flawless victory to secure a full covered cost trip and a slot in the MSI Beat IT 2014 Grand Finals.

African Qualifier

The African Qualifiers came to an end with Bravado Gaming Emotion taking down Energy Evolution 3-0 in the Grand Finals. Bravado Emotion went undefeated throughout the Winners Bracket to clinch the final spot in the global LAN event.


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