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November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

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Lan Chang as the MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Ambassador Cheering for the Contestants as a Sexy Captain LIVE on Nov 1st

Oct 13, 2014

The new “homeboy Dream Girl” Lan Chang enjoys her high popularity and tight schedules. Other than working toward the acting business with assertiveness, she also rolled out her first photobook “The Summer with Lan” with encouraging sales results. Furthermore, she beat her nemeses Annie Chen , Guigui and others in winning the “2014 New Homeboy Dream Girl” competition. Being aware of her high popularity, MSI, the leading high-end gaming brand in Taiwan, declared that Lan Chang has been invited to act as the ambassador for the MSI Beat IT 2014 Global gaming competition, leading the Dragon Girls group, which is comprised of 4 popular net girls, to promote the event. The MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals is the first international gaming event held by the MSI in Taipei with StarCraft II and DOTA2 as the main competing games. The final competition will be held on Nov 1st and 2nd at ATT Show Box, attended by not only gaming elites from all over the world, but also by Zhang Jinglan herself cosplaying a sexy captain to cheer for the contestants.

The MSI Beat IT 2014 Global gaming competition recently went for promotional shoots. Event ambassador Zhang Jinglan tried on her captain outfit, and the prominent black and red colors matched with a military hat immediately made her imposing and dazzling at the same time. Short at the front, long at the back, the cape-cut revealed her small waistline and pale skin, showing off her coolness and also her dream girl charms. To promote the event, MSI specially invited Zhong Xiaoba , Qianqian , Paradise Bird , and Nini , 4 popular net girls, to form the Dragon Girls. Zhang Jinglan will be leading the group live on Nov 1st in the gaming-starship themed MSI event to excite the crowd! The 4 girls spread out at the command of Cpt. Zhang Jinglan, and their sexy red and black outfits are definitely apples to everyone’s eyes.

The MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Final is first-time held in Taiwan. Event ambassador Zhang Jinglan is very excited to hear that elite players from all over the world will be gathering here in Taiwan, but since Taiwan is the hosting country, she also directly expressed the hopes that contestants from Taiwan could win the competition. Therefore, she passionately invites all fans to join her on the date of the event to cheer for the Taiwanese contestants, to leave the prize in Taiwan!

Want to know what else Lan Chang said? For more information, please refer to the MSI Beat IT 2014 Global promotional video:

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Grand Finals Date : Nov. 1st-2nd , 2014
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