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November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
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MSI Beat IT African Champions - Bravado Gaming Emotion

August , 2014

The MSI Beat IT African Qualifiers came to and end on Sunday evening with Bravado Gaming Emotion taking out Energy Evolution 3-0 in the Grand Finals. The tournament stretched over three weeks with action every weekend as we followed our top teams in the country in the battle to be number one! Bravado Emotion, the favourites by far, went undefeated throughout the Winners Bracket to clinch the final in one of the best showcases of South African Dota 2.

In the Winners Bracket final last week, where Bravado Emotion met Energy Evolution for the first time this year, the games were a lot tighter between these two titans. Unfortunately, Evolution made a few too many costly mistakes while holding on to a small lead which cost them the series 2-0. Evolution then took down Bravado Blue on Saturday evening in the Lower Bracket finals 2-0 to get a second shot they deserved at dethroning Bravado Emotion.

The Final Showdown

Game 1


Bravado Emotion placed their faith in the ever so popular Skywrath Mage while securing three signature heroes for Doni (Tidehunter), seeM (Ember Spirit) and Flarez (Mirana). With no First Blood around the five minute mark, this game started to show promise of a close Grand Final. We spoke too soon and as seeM put the first kill on the board Bravado Emotion steam rolled out of control. Unfortunately, DoMzz on his Brewmaster was unable to get the ultimates off that he needed, and Emotion sealed the victory in just over 15 minutes 28-4.

Game 2

Allowing Lycan through this time, a hero which secured Evolutions victory against Bravado Blue in the Lower Bracket final, there was a glimpse of hope for Energy Evolution in Game 2. But once again, it was a Bravado smackdown and they quickly pulled ahead playing perfectly orchestrated Dota 2.


Doni pulled off this amazing 3 man Dream Coil to put the nail in the coffin for Energy Evolution. From there on out the game lasted a few more minutes and Bravado Gaming sealed it 2-0 needing just one more win to be crowned champions.

Game 3


Both Bravado Emotion and Bravado Blue continuously banned Lone Druid against Evolution. RDK's Lone Druid has been fantastic in the past, but in game three he was heavily shut down and ended the game 0-7 with nothing to show but some fancy dancing skills and a few gg branches.

The game lasted 19 minutes and Bravado Emotion sealed the series with a 3-0 win. As the champions they will head off to Taipei, Taiwan in November to take part in the MSI Beat IT LAN finals.

We also caught up with players from both Bravado Gaming and Energy eSports to get their comments on the tournament.

Chat with Energy eSports


The Energy eSports Team

Leon "Flarez" Wong:

"Evo really impressed us in our first best of 3 last weekend. They're definitely the most improved team in South Africa."

Robert "rAgebos" Huckle:

"Firstly congrats to bvd emo as they are quite clearly deserved winners of the qualifier and will best represent us as a country/continent. I think the winners bracket finals was a bit more competitive because EMO had never played against us before and there was less pressure as there was still that Na'Vi lower bracket hope. The pressure got to us and Bvd really upped their game in the grand finals. We were still pretty happy to get 2nd place though as I felt we played pretty well up until the grand finals.  Shoutout to Energy Esports and their sponsors Proline, AMD, IS gaming, Steelseries, Monster, and a special shoutout to our fans, the support through this tournament has been awesome."

Energy eSports: Twitter | Facebook | Website

We also had a chat with Andreas "Cent" Hadjipaschali, owner of Bravado Gaming about his teams performance, the tournament and their plans leading up to the LAN Finals in Taiwan.


The Bravado Gaming Team

"First and foremost I would like to thank MWEB Gaming for hosting the African MSI BEAT IT qualifiers. I knew MWEB would do a good job as they have been an active company within the social and competitive gaming scene in South Africa for a very long time. With a good combination between their business success and human resources, I knew that this event would have as little barriers as possible. So GG to MWEB and the Crew!

I am so proud to see the Emotion team going on winning the event without a loss, I know that just from the personalities of the players that the guys are super competitive and have something to prove to the rest of the world as they are super dedicated and super ambitious. I have no doubt that Emotion will go into the LAN event with everything they have, good macro aspects (BMT, Motivation, Dedication, etc) in order to prove to South Africa and to the rest of the world that we are indeed on the international map! Bravado Gaming is super proud to see one of their Dota 2 teams attending such a well known international event along side with some of the best in the world!

We're going to be calling a meeting sometime this week to start planning (I know that some of the guys do have upcoming exams) but we're going to try and make provision where we can in order for them to attend the event as a core 5 lineup.

We are super proud of Bravado Blue, unfortunately a rough start to the tournament as substitutes had to come into play but I think that the guys had what it takes to turn this into a Bravado vs Bravado final. We are behind Blue all the way and we will keep pushing hard with both teams to success!
A huge shoutout to all our friends and fans for all the crazy support. To our sponsors Alienware, Intel, Razer, Courier IT and Corex for giving us the opportunity to grow from strength to strength.

I may not be part of the Dota 2 line-up but I can assure you that I'm going to Taiwan in full force to send a message to some of the top teams that BRAVADO is here!"

Bravado Gaming: Twitter | Facebook | Website

Closing thoughts

With Team Empire (A Russian multi-gaming organisation founded in 2004, and one of the leading eSports teams in the world) securing the European Qualifier win, Bravado will have some tough competition ahead of them. Team Empire was also one of the teams that was invited to compete in The International. They are currently ranked at no 7, to check out their line-up see here.

With some qualifiers still going be sure to stay tuned to the relative media in order to see who Bravado will be taking on in Taiwan.

Do you think Bravado Gaming can take another top International competition? Their Battlefield 4 team won the prestigious Electronic Sports League (ESL) Nations Cup in July this year. UPDATE - The Southern Barbarians won ESL, the team was captained by Bravado Gaming's Barry "Anthrax" Louzada and consisted of the top 25 BF4 players from South Africa. The final Southern Barbarians team that won ESL consisted of eight players - all eight were from Bravado Gaming. There were at least 2 players from other teams in the games leading up to the finals. We apologise for the mistake and honour all the players who helped won the title of ESL Nations Cup winners. See the full line-up here.

Why don't you get behind the Dota 2 team, give them a follow, or post an encouragement on their Facebook wall.

We want to thank everyone who helped making a success of the MSI Beat It African qualifiers, but most of all we want to thank the teams and wish our winners best of luck.

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