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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

How to Entrance

MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
South Africa DOTA 2 Open Qualifier

August 11th, 2014


MSI Beat IT registrations are now live for what’s promising to be one of South Africa’s most exciting tournaments this year, MSI Beat IT qualifiers. With registrations opening today we at MWEB GameZone would like to introduce our new site for the tournament. We’ve put our best minds at work in producing an interactive site for your convenience. Find out times, dates, rules, FAQs, streams, teams, and more.

Invited Teams

We’re also proud to announce our 8 invited teams for the MSI Beat IT qualifiers. Your 6 South African representatives are: Bravado Emotion, Bravado Blue, Energy eSports Ginyu Force, newly added Energy eSports Evolution, In-Finity Gaming International and Some Random Slackers. Your two teams from Namibia are Renegade Mercenaries International and Renegade Mercenaries Revamped. Each team was selected based on their performance this year. Here is a short list of their achievements.

Qualifiers Groups A to D :

Qualifiers Groups E to H :