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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Starcraft 2 : OCEANIC Qualifier Announced

July 2nd, 2014

[Australia, Oceanic] We are happy to announce details for the Oceanic open qualifiers are now available. MSI Australia announces four Open Qualifiers in July leading to a Top 16 Finals in August. The winner of the Finals will win a place in the MSI Beat IT Finals in Taipei, Taiwan in November and $1000 in flight support! The countries accepted in the AU Qualifier are: Australia and New Zealand.

The playing schedule for the Qualifier:

Open Qualifier One – July 5th 2014 (Starting 10am AEST)
Open Qualifier Two – July 12th 2014 (Starting 10am AEST)
Open Qualifier Three – July 13th 2014 (Starting 10am AEST)
Open Qualifier Four – July 26th 2014 (Starting 10am AEST)
Top 16 Finals – August 16th 2014 (Starting 10am AEST)



More information regarding the qualifiers will be released soon! The MSI Australia Qualifiers for Dota 2 Beat IT 2014 will be held in conjunction with

For the MSI Beat IT 2014, $115,500 in Prizepool and travel support is available for the Global StarCraft 2 tournament and the Dota 2 Competition. As in the previous MSI Beat It, we will host several Qualifiers for each region to determine the best players and teams. More information regarding the qualifiers can be found below. The best teams of each season will then compete in the Grand Finals which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.

For the StarCraft 2 Tournament, there will be six qualifiers for the following regions: Europe, USA, APAC, South Korea, SEA, Taiwan and Australia. These qualifers are, depending on the region, split into a Pre qualifer and a Main qualifer where up to 64 players can take part. Finally the best 16 players will compete in Taiwan in the Grand Finals. The Prizepool for the StarCraft 2 tournament is $28,000.

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