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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

How to Entrance

DOTA 2 -

June 22nd, 2014

MSI Beat IT Global 2014 already kicked off with the European Qualifier. Now the 4 best teams from the American Qualifiers have a chance to join the other 4 invited teams for the Main American tournament which will be held on the 1st to 7th September. The best team will have a financial support of $5000 to cover all the travel, hotel and food costs. There are some important facts to know though.

First of all, all the teams that registered for the American Qualifiers are required to have at least 3 players from America (North America or South America) to be eligible to play in the tournament. If a team uses a standin to replace one of the 3 American players, the standin also has to be from America.

Furthermore, every team registered for the Qualifier is required to have at least 5 members that register on the website and join the team, otherwise the team will not be able to checkin and therefore will not be eligible to play.

All the teams should note that the checkin time is from 16 to 18 EST, on the 4th of July. If there will be more than 64 teams, the limit will increase to 128 teams, however that is the maximum number of teams allowed, therefore the first teams to checkin will be the ones that will be accepted into the tournament. To check in a team, only one member (any member) has to do that on the website. Bare in mind that the times on the Website are in CEST, so depending on your timezone the times may vary.

In order to find your opponent, submit game results and resolve conflicts, all teams are required to use the #msibeatit channel on Quakenet (IRC) - Quakenet Online Chat

The schedule will look as following :

Day 1 - 4th of July 2014

Round of 128 - 64 games - 19:00 EST - Best of One
Round of 64 - 32 games - 20:30 EST - Best of One
Round of 32 - 16 games - 22:00 EST - Best of One

Day 2 - 5th of July 2014

Round of 16 - 8 games - 19:00 EST - Best of Three
Round of 8 - 4 games - 22:00 EST - Best of Three

Please also check the rules.
You can SIGN UP for the tournament here.
You can buy the TICKET from the STORE.