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November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
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MSI Beat IT RGN League announced!

May 30th, 2014

Rapture Gaming Network (RGN) and Micro Star International Co., Ltd (MSI) are extremely pleased to announce MSI Beat IT RGN League. RGN and MSI will partner with and bring MSI Beat IT RGN League from June to September! The MSI Beat IT RGN League will serve as the South-East Asia qualifier for MSI Beat IT Global 2014. Champion teams of MSI Beat IT RGN League will qualify for grand finals in November in Taipei, Taiwan.

MSI Beat IT is a global gaming tournament hosted by the leading gaming brand MSI since 2010. This year, the global finals will be held with a total prize pool of USD$113,500 for both DOTA 2 & StarCraft 2!

DOTA 2 registrations for the MSI Beat IT RGN League (country qualifiers) are now officially opened! Registrations for the wildcard qualifier (DOTA 2) & StarCraft 2 will be announced on a later date. To kick off, 6 country qualifiers (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam) will operate in the month of June 2014. The champions of each qualifier will proceed to the SEA playoffs to join 2 more teams from the wildcard qualifier.

In total, these 8 teams will battle it out for USD$5000 cash prizes & the champion team will also be awarded fully paid travel & accommodation to participate in the MSI Beat IT Global Finals in Taiwan, courtesy of MSI! Also, various popular broadcasters will be here to cover the live games of this tournament: BeyondTheSummit (English), Rapture (English), EClub Thailand (Thai), MineskiTV (Filipino) & PewPew (Vietnamese)!

Registration links:

Singapore: (9th to 10th June; registration will end on 7th June)
Malaysia: (12th to 13th June; registration will end on 10th June)
Thailand: (15th to 16th June; registration will end on 13th June)
Vietnam: (18th to 19th June; registration will end on 16th June)
Philippines: (21st to 22nd June; registration will end on 19th June)
Indonesia: (24th to 25th June; registration will end on 22nd June)

Country Qualifier information:

Format: Single Elimination Best-of-1; Semi Finals & Finals will be Best-of-3, Captains Mode
Maximum teams: 64 teams per country
Timeframe: 7.30pm to 11.30pm GMT +8
Ban/Pick selection: Teams named first in the bracket will need to select either 1st pick or sides (Radiant or Dire).
Procedure: Team captains are to put their team tags according to the brackets & join the DOTA 2 channel ‘Rapture Gaming Network’ by 7.15pm GMT +8 & look for their opponents. Teams that fail to turn up 15 minutes after their stipulated match schedule will be given a forfeit loss. Teams are also reminded to keep the end-game screenshot in case of a match dispute. Should a particular match be broadcasted, the team captain will be informed beforehand & an admin will host that game.

Admin/Inquiries: RGN.XtReM1St (steam); (email)
Brackets will be released on the night before the commencement of the qualifier.
Please visit for more information.

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