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MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

How to Entrance

Top Players take MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals By Storm

Nov 1, 2014

[Taipei, Taiwan] With the grand opening of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global Grand Finals, the crowd jammed into the ATT Show Box. Not only because of several big names in SCII and DOTA 2, but also for some new faces in DOTA 2. If you'd like to learn various play styles of top players or to witness the rise of new stars, this international event is definitely the one you don't want to miss.

We will have celebrated anchormen and commentators broadcast live, on site or online. There will be autograph signing sessions, overclocking shows, cosplay shows and DJ shows as well. Big names in eSports and tech, Blizzard and NVIDIA will also join the event.

Come join us this weekend to cheer for your favorite pro-gamers, intense and exciting battles guaranteed!

Audiences wait in line for the door opening.

The event ambassador Zhang Jinglan "Lan" co-start with MSI officials in the opening ceremony.

Renowned anchormen and commentator.

Crowds packed around MSI booths.

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Grand Finals Date : Nov. 1st-2nd , 2014
Grand Finals Venue : ATT Show Box, 7F., No.12, Songshou Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan
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