MSI Gaming Network

MSI Beat IT 2014 Global
Grand Finals

November 1st – 2nd, ATT Show Box
Taipei, Taiwan

How to Entrance

Extreme Gaming Gear

MSI Beat IT 2014 Specified Notebook
GS60-Ghost Notebook

Equipment Info. GS60 2QE Ghost Pro 3 is powered by the ultra-efficient GeForce GTX 970M created on an 28nm manufacturing process. Performance compared to its predecessor is up by 28% in 3DMark 11 and ensures graphics performance is on truly on par with desktop gaming systems. The GeForce GTX 970M has new CUDA architecture design, a 192 bit memory interface and GDDR5 memory. This solution provides enough grunt and space for those ultra-high resolution textures that makes the next-gen games look great.

MSI Beat IT 2014 Specified Graphics Card
GTX 970 GAMING 4G Graphics Card

Equipment Info. The new GTX 970 GAMING 4G builds on the enormous legacy of MSI's #1 position in Gaming graphics cards. Kept cool by the all-new Twin Frozr V with Hybrid Frozr technology, the new MSI GTX 970 GAMING cards provide new standards for low-noise and low-temperature Gaming graphics.

MSI Beat IT 2014 Specified Motherboard

Equipment Info. The MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC is a custom designed motherboard, specifically for gamers who demand the best onboard gaming features, ready to support all new DDR4 memory and 8 core CPU power. The imposing heatsinks and Dragon Armor on the MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC motherboard highlight its unique features. Its masterpiece is Streaming Engine, a premium dedicated onboard hardware streaming solution for streaming gaming activities at 1080p 60Mbps without impacting FPS and gameplay. The MSI X99S GAMING 9 AC also comes with Audio Boost 2, USB Audio Power, Killer LAN, Turbo M.2 32Gb/s, SATA Express, Intel® Wi-Fi AC and 4-way Multi-GPU support.

MSI Beat IT 2014 Specified All-in-On PC

Equipment Info. AG240 2PE based on latest Haswell platform with quad-core processors. The PCs also feature GTX 860M gamer-grade discrete graphics card and Killer game networking accelerator card favored by pro-gamers. The AG240 2PE is the first in the industry to feature MSI Anti-Flicker technology, which stabilizes the electrical current to prevent serious flickering seen in standard displays. Under any setting, the technology also reduces eye fatigue after extended use while also enhancing the quality of the gaming environment.

MSI Beat IT 2014 Specified Gaming Mouse
Interceptor DS100 GAMING Mouse

Equipment Info. GMSI DS100 GAMING Mouse is equipped with professional-grade laser sensor offers lightning fast 6,600 fps image processing capability for superior control and precise mouse movement. With the advanced ergonomic design and high-tech non-slip coating, DS100 GAMING mouse maximizes wrist comfort while hours gaming and helps prevent the pain or ease repetitive motion or strain. The connector is 18K gold plated and uses military-grade close-woven wiring. This drastically increases the durability and lifetime of the keys and ensures there is no signal corruption thus improving latencies leading to faster controls. Also, it comes with dedicated software that records macro keys and a variety of hot keys both of which allow you to perform in-game tasks at lightning speed